Wendy Betterini

Wendy Betterini

Wendy J. Betterini is a lifestyle and fitness coach in the Pacific Northwest specializing in helping busy moms juggle work, family and wellness. Her interests include running, organic gardening, and writing. She is the mother of three small boys that keep her on her toes! For more great information, please visit Wendy's website at:


Disorganization is one of the biggest causes of stress in the workplace. One of the biggest of these problems often includes poor time management. When time is not managed properly tasks do not get completed properly therefore a person becomes stressed due to having to rush to get assignments completed when do. In order to prevent this it is important to learn ways to manage your time wisely.

Life is full of challenges, and many times we have to stop what we are doing to completely switch gears. Having the ability to be versatile, and developing a flexible attitude will go a long way in adjusting to the ebbs and tides that life will inevitably bring. When life or work seems too frustrating to deal with, all we may need to make it work is an attitude adjustment.

We live in a world of chaos. Sometimes, it’s easy to let that chaos overrun us and take away our control. If we can’t learn to keep a serene mind-set in these chaotic situations, it can influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a negative way. When working at home, it is easy to let little distractions or annoyances take over and rule our minds. We can greatly increase productivity and enjoyment in our work at home if we can keep serene and calm amongst the chaos.

Almost 108 million Americans were overweight or obese in 1999. Until now, obesity continues to be a serious problem and is predicted to reach epidemic levels by the year 2020.

One way to prevent this scenario is to make people aware of the risks of being overweight or obese.

Imagine that you’re working late at night on a project due to in the morning. You’re body is tired and your mind is mush, but this project must get done, so you push on. You continue to work, despite the distinct feeling that the project would be much easier if you went to bed and
approached it again in the morning. You feel obligated to do it now, so you stay up until the wee hours of the morning, producing less than desirable work in much more time than it would have taken with a rested mind. This was not the smart choice, since not only productivity was
lost, but quality as well.

Certain life events or times of the year can cause us to eat more than we should. Dieting and counting calories can temporarily aid in weight loss, but many people will fail. What those people don’t realize is that there is something going on within them that goes much deeper than eating too many calories. A big majority of overeaters eat in reaction to emotions, usually to numb or suppress them. For many people, overcoming emotional eating and recognizing the real reasons we reach for food are important steps in conquering overeating.

Certain people, places and things can overwhelm you. It can divert your current emotional and thinking state into something else which will make you crazy.

Those three can sway your decisions. It can even cause you to make abrupt changes without careful planning.

Today, goal setting is what it’s all about. Whether you are running a company or going through your daily activities, you need to set goals in order to fully satisfy your everyday needs. However, many people tend to fail achieving their personal development goals because they always tend to set impossible goals. Other people fail because they set goals that are too easy to achieve and they feel less motivated that results in not working to achieve their goals at all.

Are you trying to carry out goal setting and found it to be quite difficult? Well, you’re not alone with your dilemma. In fact, a lot of individuals are overwhelmed by their goals that need to be set. Oftentimes, the goals are not even realized and accomplished.

Life is a colorful garden of experiences. There are flowers to brighten and enliven your world, but there are also thorns that you must watch for. While you may enjoy the beauty and the scents of these flowers in the garden, the thorns are always lying beneath and waiting for the chance to lay their hands on you. As you walk in the garden, wouldn’t it be so much nicer if you only have the flowers without the thorns? If you can have all the beautiful things without the ugly stuff that life has to offer? Maybe you need some more luck!

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