Philip E. Humbert

Philip E. Humbert

In the quest to attract customers and make more sales,
the temptation is to focus on the Internet. It's easy
to forget there are other tools that are less tedious,
easier to use, and even more effective.

Many years ago, someone told me that the key to success
is not doing something big or spectacular, but doing the
little things extraordinarily well.

I recently had a chance to interview several groups of
extremely successful people. A handful are famous
athletes, several are nationally known artists, writers
or politicians, and all are multi-millionaires. I asked them
for the keys, or essential factors that allowed them to
accomplish so much more than the rest of us.

Every successful person understands that they can not succeed
by themselves. Success is always based on effective partnerships.

I am often asked about the "secrets to success". I've had
the chance to work with thousands of highly successful
people in business and finance, in sports, in entertainment
and the arts, and the good news is, there are no "secrets"
for success!

Successful people have always had clear, focused goals
that guided them to greatness. Thomas Edison was
determined to create the electric light bulb.
"Lucky" Lindbergh was determined to reach Paris, and
bet his life on it. Michelle Kwan had a goal to be the
best skater in the world. Oprah Winfrey was an abused
child who determined to make life better.

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