How to Keep Calm in Chaotic Situations

We live in a world of chaos. Sometimes, it’s easy to let that chaos overrun us and take away our control. If we can’t learn to keep a serene mind-set in these chaotic situations, it can influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a negative way. When working at home, it is easy to let little distractions or annoyances take over and rule our minds. We can greatly increase productivity and enjoyment in our work at home if we can keep serene and calm amongst the chaos.

Meditation 1Though it is important to remain calm among all the chaos, many think this is easier said than done. Sure, some calming techniques are harder to master than others, though there are some simple techniques you can, and should, use to prepare yourself for chaotic situations, and deal with them when they arise.

Here are a few ways to help keep a serene mind-set when you feel overrun by chaos:

Learn to tune out distractions by gently returning your mind to the task you are working on. Becoming emotionally invested in family dramas, fights between kids, and other common occurrences will only take energy away from your focus. Tuning out distractions is easier said than done, but with practice, your mind will have an easier time remaining calm and focused on your tasks.

Calming affirmations are a great way to train the mind to remain serene in chaotic situations. Affirmations such as “I am calm and centered; I choose my own mindset; I choose to remain focused and peaceful; I will complete my work with ease,” are all great ways to teach your subconscious how to react to chaos in and around your workspace. Another great, and recommended, affirmation is “I am successful at all that I choose to do.” This will help remind you that you are capable of succeeding, no matter what.

Working at home is hard enough when we don’t go easy on ourselves and recognize the hard work we do. Things often can get busy and we can easily get into the habit of overworking. Avoid this by taking frequent breaks to clear your head. Try taking a brisk walk outside to burn off any built-up tension. If you only have a few minutes to spare, you can try sitting calmly in meditation, which will reap great rewards if done on a regular basis. Give your mind time to unwind and it will be easier to stay focused.

Chaos and disorganization go hand in hand. If you are feeling stressed and out of control, chances are you are lacking organization in your daily schedule. If you can continuously reorganize and re-prioritize as projects are completed, you’ll have a better chance at staying on track and avoiding missing something important. Try checking off items as they are completed, and review your to-do lists and schedule periodically throughout the day.

It’s not always possible to avoid the chaos in life, especially when working at home. Dealing with unexpected workloads, constant distractions, and moved-up deadlines can cause frustration and feelings of defeat. By using the above suggestions, you can help eliminate the dread that chaotic situations bring, and instead feel calm and focused.

Wendy Betterini

Wendy J. Betterini is a lifestyle and fitness coach in the Pacific Northwest specializing in helping busy moms juggle work, family and wellness. Her interests include running, organic gardening, and writing. She is the mother of three small boys that keep her on her toes! For more great information, please visit Wendy's website at:


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