Make goals believable and achievable

Today, goal setting is what it’s all about. Whether you are running a company or going through your daily activities, you need to set goals in order to fully satisfy your everyday needs. However, many people tend to fail achieving their personal development goals because they always tend to set impossible goals. Other people fail because they set goals that are too easy to achieve and they feel less motivated that results in not working to achieve their goals at all.

goals2So, just how do you set achievable and believable goals? First of all, there are two kinds of goals you have to set. The first kind of goal you have to set is a long term goal. Long term goals are goals that you have to achieve in a long term basis, such as setting a goal that you need to achieve after a few months or a few years. The second kind of goal is called the short term goal. This goal can be anything from monthly goals or even daily goals.

It is important that you should know how to set your personal goals in order for you to achieve it. It is important that you know about the five conditions that you need to include when setting your goals. These conditions are essential and these conditions will be the one that will be responsible in letting you achieve your goals.

The first condition when setting a goal is that it must be believable. The goal you set should be personal and you yourself should believe in it. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about your goal, what matters is that you believe that you can achieve your goals. Always remember that unless you believe that you can achieve your goals, you won’t.

The second condition in goal setting is that your goals should be defined and should be clear. If you keep changing goals and you don’t know what goals you want to achieve, then you’ll end up not achieving anything at all. Your goals should also be very specific. For example, if you thought that you want to increase lose weight substantially, you have to specify how much weight you have to lose. Don’t just say that you will lose weight, set a specific goal. For example, tell yourself that you are going to lose 20 lbs by January 31. As you can see, it is specific and it is clearly defined.

The third condition in goal setting is that your goals should be desired. Don’t just say that you think you want it but say that you really and definitely want it. If you want something so much that it eats you up whenever you think about it, then setting it as a goal will let you get it. However, always remember that you should always set believable goals.

The fourth condition in goal setting is that it should be vividly imagined. Now that you have a goal, think about possessing it and achieving it. In losing weight, try taking pictures of the clothes you want to wear and imagine yourself wearing it. If you like what you see then you will be motivated to do this.

The fifth condition in goal setting and perhaps one of the most important is that all your short term and long term goals should be put into writing. By writing down all your goals and post it in your fridge, you will always be motivated to achieve it every time you go to the kitchen and have breakfast.

These are the five things you have to remember in order to set achievable and believable goals. Remember this and you can be sure that the chances of achieving your goals will increase.

Wendy Betterini

Wendy J. Betterini is a lifestyle and fitness coach in the Pacific Northwest specializing in helping busy moms juggle work, family and wellness. Her interests include running, organic gardening, and writing. She is the mother of three small boys that keep her on her toes! For more great information, please visit Wendy's website at:


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