Networking Strategies of “A” Player Entrepreneurs

Let me share with you a few networking strategies of “A” player Entrepreneurs.

Look and Dress the Part

You don't need to dress formally, wear a tuxedo, or jet off to Milan for the latest fashions.

styleBut…when in doubt, dress up – you can always dress down. Some people wear a suit, and that’s cool…if you find you’re over dressed, you can always take off the tie. In fact, though, business casual is usually no problem. We are after all, entrepreneurs and sometimes we “work” wearing our underwear! You can dress outrageous if that’s part of your “stand out” strategy…just don't let your appearance or actions be a hindrance to people seeing the real you and what you have to offer. Sharply-dressed, well-groomed and with excellent hygiene are extremely important for your success.

Find Your Deal-Making Style and Stick To It
Don't try to be someone you're not. There are different negotiation and JV making styles. Find yours by trial and error, but use it!

Just Do It!

“I only hear and I forget. I see and I may remember. But I do and I understand.”
Thomas Edison’s quote is an eloquent and simple manner of expressing a simple fact, a fact that high achievers have always known: The best way to grasp information is to apply it.
There’s no secret, we can definitely learn by hearing, reading, watching, seeing, and analyzing…but when it comes to getting results with joint ventures you simply cannot learn better than to learn by DOING.

You learn best by doing. When you network with the JV mindset, you are coming to do joint ventures. Do it!


People want to network and JV with winners. Winners smile. Smile and get more JVs. Simple enough said for you?

Look for Opportunities to Triangulate
Learn to triangulate the deal if necessary. If you don’t have what they want or need, who does that you know? What do THEY want? Do you have it? Does the first person you’re negotiating with have it? Triangulate and watch your JV possibilities multiply.

Think People Not just Profit
Solve people’s problems and you’ll get paid. That's the best networking and joint venture tactic of all. Help others!

Never forget that long term internet marketing success— and business success…and for that matter LIFE success— is based on the relationships you establish.

The relationship is more important than the deal.

Remember that, and you're ahead of the pack!

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up!

If you say you’ll call/email/respond at a certain time, do it. Become known as a businessperson whose word is their bond and you'll never lack for JV opportunities.

Always follow-up. Circumstances change. Your rejected offer of today could look great in three months.

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up!

Don't Just Socialize…Connect!

Be professional always, upbeat and smiling at all times, courteous and accommodating, and seek to connect with your new relationships— not just talk. Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions. Listen. Build rapport. Seek not just to chat, but strive to connect with your potential JV partners on a deeper level than surface conversation and you will make excellent progress towards cementing a potential joint venture with that person.

Make a Great First Impression,
Use the “halo effect” to your advantage. People see us subconsciously through the lens of our first impression we made on them. Don't let this be sloppy, rude, arrogant, incompetent or another negative.

Invoke the Law of Reciprocity.

Give and then receive later. Give, give, and give some more and you will always receive (and not even always directly back from those you gave to!).

This is a universal principle and will work for you WITHOUT FAIL if you apply it.

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