Do not make these mistakes while buying a health insurance policy

With growing health issues and equivalent increasing medical costs is a big concern for common man in India. Therefore it is essential to have a cheap and effective health insurance policy as nobody wants to fiddle with the health of near and dear ones.

Fun Medical MGDChoosing a health insurance policy can be confusing and laborious. Hence, you may opt for professional help from an agent or an advisor. But these are some common mistakes that most people commit initially and end up messing their health insurance policy. So avoid these mistakes that are mentioned below:

  • Cheap is good: Low insurance policies are not always beneficial. This is because you may not know about hidden terms and limits. Also, they may exclude some essential benefits and features thus do not blindly search for low price policies.
  • Not considering different insurer: If you have an existing policy for a long time, then do not forget to consider another insurer. You may not know what all options may be available to you from other competitors of the company.
  • Relying on employer-provided health plan: Employer health policies are not always going to stay with you and your family, because you will lose the cover once you lose the job. So you may also maintain an alternate insurance cover which helps you when it matters.
  • Delay policy renewal: Procrastination can be a great enemy for your policy when it comes to renewal. Remember to renew your policy and maintain persistency.
  • Unnecessary claims: Many customers, once insured, make claims for petty health issues. Health insurance must be saved for serious health ailments and frequent unnecessary claims reduce your No claim bonus that you receive on your premium.
  • Under or over coverage: The idea is simple; you must have the appropriate coverage. Health insurance is a long-term financial decision, thus, you should spend ample time in deciding what coverage amount you should choose.
  • Overlooking the policy content: A common mistake, for most of the insurance types, is overlooking the small print and contents of the policy document. You must be certain about all the terms and make effort to read and understand them. If you try to find an easy way around, then you probably miss some really important term that may prove to be harmful for you later on.
  • Incomplete disclosure: every important detail of your medical history must be disclosed to the company. It is the way to remain true from your side and avoid disputes at the time of a claim.

Health insurance policy decisions are important and versatile, as there are many companies in the market and you may have little knowledge about a policy. Hence, you must avoid making these mistakes and look for a reliable company that offers you optimum customer service and insurance support. Do not forget to take financial advice and you are good to go in selecting the best health insurance policy for you and your family.

Kiara Madhok

Sneha Jaiswal, a blogger & literature fanatic. Loves doing analysis on any new financial product that comes into market and provides her views. She has written several articles focusing on health insurance, auto insurance, general insurance etc.

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