Drug Abuse And Drug Addiction Facts

Drug abuse is a very serious problem in many places in the world, particularly the United States. What starts out as a simple curiosity or use that is considered social may result in a serious addiction.

drug abuseMany individuals start using a particular drug and find that they have total control over their habit. However, after a certain period of time, these people may start to lose the control that they once had. Eventually, it will take more and more of the same type of drug for the individual to achieve the same state of euphoria as they experienced previously.

An individual who abuses drugs can develop an addiction that is psychological, physical, or emotional. By the time that the drug abuse reaches its peak, or an individual seeks assistance for their drug addiction, the addiction can be a combination of physical, emotional, and psychological conditions. This is due to the fact that the more that an individual is subjected to the drug that they are abusing, the chemistry of the body starts to change. These changes often result in the negative consequences of being unable to control the urges and impulses that are commonly associated with drug abuse.

It is common for a drug addiction to result in many biological changes to occur within the body of an abuser. This is why many people who abuse drugs seem to change so drastically. Many individuals experience weight loss or weight gain, a change in personality, changes in moods, memory impairment, loss in general gross motor skills, and many may even develop various types of chronic medical conditions. Whereas the normal person is often motivated by many factors in their life, those that engage in drug abuse have one motivating factor. That is, ultimately, to abuse the drug that they have been experimenting with.

Many people who abuse drugs seek treatment for their disease. However, not every person comes out of treatment successfully. Many people must receive treatment more than once to prove effective. It has been discovered that there are very few individuals that seek treatment for their condition based on self-motivation alone. Many individuals who enroll for therapy to alleviate the compulsive drug addiction that they have are forced to do so. The State may order the therapy, or a family member may prompt one to seek help. However, most of the time, many of these individuals successfully complete the treatment.

There are many drug abuse treatment programs available. Seeing that every person is different than another person, and some may be more receptive than others, not all treatment methods will prove to be effective for every single person with an addiction to drugs. It is important to not relinquish hope. If one form of treatment does not work for you, there is another form of treatment available that will work for you.

If you are looking into drug abuse treatment for yourself, or someone that you care about, you will discover that there are many different types of programs to select from. Many of these are short term, but there are quite a few that are for periods of time that are equal to three months or more. The reason that there are such a large number of long term programs is because these have proven to release the most successful recoveries of drug abuse.

It is vital that you understand that a treatment program sets the recovery in motion. There are many other factors that can have a great impact on the individual who is attempting to beat an addiction to drugs. This includes emotional support from friends and members of the family, supervision, the implementation of an accountability partner that they can contact any time day or night, and continued therapy.

Drug abuse is a common problem, but it is not a problem that cannot be solved. There are many ways that an individual who suffers from this devastating can get the assistance that they require in order to successfully resolve their problem. It is important for these individuals to understand that the loss of control that they have experienced as a result of the addiction is not a weakness, but a result of the biological changes that occur within the body. Providing resources for assistance and support for the drug abuser is the best contribution that can be given in order to achieve a successful recovery.

Bill Urell

Bill Urell is an addictions therapist at a leading residential treatment center. He teaches healthy life styles and life skills as a component of holistic addictions treatment. His websites cover areas of professional and personal interests.

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