Tips for Save Traveling With Your Pet

Planning a road trip? Taking your dog along can make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. Although it can be fun to have your furry friend come along for a car ride, it's important to make sure your pet stays safe when traveling in your car. These safety tips ensure that the next drive you take with your pet is as safe and comfortable as possible.

pet travelSecuring Your Pet

We normally see pets running around unsecured inside vehicles, but that isn't the safest way to transport your pet. While we know most dogs enjoy riding with their heads out the window, it's safest if they stay inside.

Large dogs should be secured inside a vehicle with a harness or a restraint. Small dogs and cats should ride in a secured pet carrier, not just to keep them safe but to ensure they don't wind up at the driver's feet.

What to Bring

Pet safety is about more than just properly securing your animal and making sure it isn't hurt in an accident. You should also make sure to bring supplies that can keep your pet safe and comfortable during the entire trip. These include any medicines your pet may need, along with a reasonable supply of your pet's regular food and goodies.

Additionally, it's advisable to bring along some objects your pet will find familiar such as your dog's favorite toy or pillow, especially in the case of a long car ride, which may give your pet some anxiety.

Staying Comfortable

Keeping your pet comfy can also improve safety, as a relaxed pet is unlikely to get scared and cause a distraction during a drive. Take your dog for a long walk before a drive to ensure your pet stays comfortable. Durng the ride, stop often for exercise and potty breaks. Remember to offer water often so your dog doesn't get dehydrated.

In many ways, traveling with a dog is a lot like traveling with a small kid. You must keep their needs in mind and be proactive in caring for them because they cannot normally care for themselves during a trip. These tips should help you and your pet to have a much more pleasant experience in the car.

James Blanchard

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