Types of Car Soundproofing

Car soundproofing is the idea of utilizing certain products to help reduce the noise from the outside while inside the vehicle. Even though many people believe that soundproofing does not totally eliminate outside noise, it can greatly contribute to a peaceful ride. It can also help in the quality of the sound system and speakers. The following are some soundproofing products that do the job of isolating certain annoying sounds from the outside, thereby making the interior of the car silent.

zack 119Mats

Mats are mainly used for the intent of soundproofing vehicles. These are designed using either asphalt-based sheets or styrene-butadiene rubber mats. Soundproofing mats are placed in automobiles to minimize the vibrations, which cause low or no noise from the auto parts. These are usually used on panels and absorb vibrations, in which the vibrations are converted into heat.


Soundproofing sprays are also being used for decreasing the level of sound in vehicles. Normally, you would need a paint gun too if you want to use these sprays. You spray them on areas where mats are not installed such as on door panels.

Foam Sheets

These are also good options in soundproofing your car. Foam sheets are used similarly as the soundproofing mats, but they do not change vibrations into heat just like mats do. Basically, these are installed on panels if you want to lessen the vibrations, and then distribute the pressure all throughout the interior of the car.

Foam Sprays

Foam sprays are the best choice in minimizing the noise from the vibrations of the panels. These soundproofing sprays are sprayed between two panels. They create a foam that fill in the crevices in the panels once they dry out. Probably the most common foam spray that is used for soundproofing is Styrofoam. Be aware that the fumes being released from the Styrofoam spray is considered to be harmful to the health.

Micro Jute

Another good soundproofing idea is by using micro jute padding. It is a thin sheet that absorbs in any sound. HoweverFree Web Content, a lot of car owners consider micro jute to be not as effective compared to other soundproofing techniques. A great thing about these micro jute sheets is they help to increase the luxuriance of the interior.

You can try to use a few of these soundproofing methods as a way to have a reasonable level of soundproof in your car. You may also opt for soundproofing kits that usually include mats mainly for this purpose.

James Blanchard

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