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Best Places for Teens to Get a Job

As a teenager, you may be wondering where you can get a job. Whether you are trying to save up for college or just want some extra spending cash, working as a young adult is a great idea. Not only does this give you money, it teaches you the valuable work ethic and responsibility that can help you later on in your life. If you are trying to get a start out in the workforce, this will help you to know where to look.


job searchThere are the typical jobs for teens that you can try for, such as babysitting, raking leaves/shoveling, and a paper route. These are great options because it allows you the flexibility to earn money on your own schedule, but it allows you to stay in your neighborhood without having to worry about getting rides to and from these jobs. If you are trying out babysitting, it is recommended that you get your CPR and first aid certifications as well as taking babysitting classes. This will help you to be more attractive for parents who are looking for reliable and knowledgeable babysitters. These classes can also help you to work as a lifeguard during the summer, which is great because you won’t have to worry about interfering with your schooling.

You can also get a job as a retail associate at your favorite store. Often times they give out employee discounts that you can take advantage of and you can check out new products from the store. You can also get experience working with customers, a skill that can be extremely beneficial for you as you become old enough for other jobs. Customer service skills are an essential skill for any career, so this is a great option for your resume. During the summer, you can also work as an ice cream scooper.

The restaurant business is another great place for you to be during your early part of your career. Jobs like being a dishwasher, busser, or server are great choices for a part-time job. You can make a decent amount of money in tips and you can learn valuable skills like multi-tasking and customer service. Best of all, sometimes servers get free meals while working for their break. Choose a place that you enjoy for the extra perk of your favorite food for a discount.

Finally, grocery stores are a great place for your first job. These are jobs that are often less strenuous but still gives you a lot of benefits like earning customer service skills. You may start off as a stocker or a bagger but can eventually work your way up to be a cashier or working at the customer service desk. Grocery jobs, depending on where you live, can also pay more than some of the other job choices as well.

These are only a few of your options as a teenager. If you are looking for jobs, try looking around the neighborhood for people who need help or go online to find a job. There are numerous websites where you can find jobs that are specifically for teenagers.