In the quest to attract customers and make more sales,
the temptation is to focus on the Internet. It's easy
to forget there are other tools that are less tedious,
easier to use, and even more effective.

Still life fencingFor example, simply telling people what we do and how
it benefits them is the most profound marketing "secret"
ever invented. And, the opportunities to talk to people
are unlimited!

Consider that every service organization (Rotary, Kiwanis,
etc.) needs a speaker every week! This creates thousands of
opportunities to do someone a favor and tell your story!
The potential is huge!

Now, the fear of public speaking is wide-spread, but at
the same time, the opportunities are so compelling that
no business person can afford to ignore them.

Here are just some of the keys to successfully
marketing yourself in front of an audience:

1. It clarifies your marketing message. Speaking to a
live audience forces you to be very precise about what
you do and why people should buy from you. This
sharpens all of your other advertising and marketing
efforts as well.

2. It gives access to your most targeted audience.
You get to choose business leaders, personal
development audiences, or church groups. You decide
who your best audience is, then volunteer to talk to
them. It's a gold mine!

3. The potential for "viral marketing" is unlimited.
It's not unusual for me to speak to 50 people at lunch,
and get a 100 new subscribers within hours. Each
person goes away with an idea, they get curious to
learn more, they visit my website, and bingo! I get a
new subscriber and endless opportunities for opt-in

4. It's creative! My audiences become my "R&D
Team", and many of my best ideas for new products and
services come from the comments of people in the
audience. Let them teach you how to build your
business and achieve your dreams!

5. It can make you money. Many organizations will pay
for a great speaker. Imagine getting paid to advertise!
You show up, talk about the benefits of your services,
and they pay you for it! This is a good thing!

How do you get started? Here are some concrete steps
that have produced great results for me.

First, volunteer where you already are. Do you belong
to a group or organization? Tell them you are willing
to share your success and your wisdom. Volunteer and
you'll be amazed at how grateful most groups are.

Second, think about your most desired audience.
Workshops at the local community college are always in
demand, as are personal development, sales or
leadership development topics.

Third, just get out and do it! You won't be an expert
at first, but you'll be "good enough" and you will
improve with practice. You will start enjoying it, and
the opportunities and profits will multiply. Go for it!

Need more encouragement? Here are two books to help
you get started:

"Marketing with Speeches and Seminars", by Miriam
Ott, is a wonderful little book, full of practical
wisdom, short-cuts, tips and tricks for success with
your very first presentation. Easy to read, and easy
to use. Here's the link to get it at

"Speak and Grow Rich", by Dottie Walters, is another
gem. Solid advice and tons of help to get you started.
This stuff works! Here's the link:

Whether your goal is to build a network marketing
organization, increase your Real Estate exposure, sell
your book, or market widgets, telling people your story
always helps. It's fun, they always thank you, and
they always remember and appreciate you. Get in front
of folks! Tell your story! As Dottie says, "Speak
and grow rich!"

Trust me, the opportunities are endless and the
potential is unlimited. Just do it.

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