Everyday Tools for Extraordinary Success

I am often asked about the "secrets to success". I've had
the chance to work with thousands of highly successful
people in business and finance, in sports, in entertainment
and the arts, and the good news is, there are no "secrets"
for success!

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert LandscapeThere are, however, a few tools that, when used together,
come close to being a "secret weapon". They require
no special talent or skills. They cost very little, and every
school child has a complete set.

They are around us every day, yet we fail to use them, and
we deprive ourselves of their power. Here is my list of the
Top 5 "secret" weapons of extraordinarily successful leaders:

1. 3x5 cards. Yup, I'm referring to those little cards your
Mom used for recipes. Successful people use them to jot
notes, keep tips, and store valuable information. I carry
them everywhere, and have supplies by the phone, beside
my bed, and on the kitchen counter. They are wonderful!
They last forever - I have cards I wrote over 30 years ago!
And if you accidentally leave them in your pockets, they
even go through the wash. (Trust me on this!)

2. A watch. Highly successful people are intensely time-
concious. They don't spend their time, their energy or
their lives on trivial pursuits. They wear a watch and
they use it to stay on task until they achieve their goals
and create the life they want. Time is your most precious
asset and our most under-valued commodity. Wear and
USE a watch!

3. An alarm clock. Benjamin Franklin observed that
"early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (or woman)
healthy, wealthy and wise". It's still true! I live and
work with wealthy people, and when I walk my dog after
10:00 p.m., there are no lights on. But when we walk
about 6:00 in the morning, everyone is up, and the cars
are already heading for the office. Buy and use an alarm
clock! Start early, work hard.

4. A list. Highly successful people plan their day.
They make a list of their most important priorities. They
choose the things that will make a major, long-term,
difference, and they focus on them all day long. Last
thing in the evening, or first thing in the morning, create
a list and work from it during your day.

5. A compass. My most successful clients always have a
symbol or a map, a picture or poster of their most
important goals and they use it to guide them during the
day. They stay on course. If they get lost, they re-
assess and get back on-track immediately. Have a
"compass" that reminds you of your dreams, your goals,
and your most daring desires. Stay on course!

There are no "secrets" of succes, but there are tools
that make success and achievement much more likely.
Use the tools of highly successful people, and watch
your own accomplishments soar!

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