The Blue Ribbon Project

The Blue Ribbon Project

As a teenager, you may be wondering where you can get a job. Whether you are trying to save up for college or just want some extra spending cash, working as a young adult is a great idea. Not only does this give you money, it teaches you the valuable work ethic and responsibility that can help you later on in your life. If you are trying to get a start out in the workforce, this will help you to know where to look.

When you are looking for a job, you will come across ones that ask for a resume while others may ask for a CV. You may not be familiar with a CV (Curriculum Vitæ) and where it would be appropriate to use one. Here you will learn the difference between these two documents and where it is more appropriate to use each of these choices.

There is much more to getting a job than just applying for it. If you are lucky enough to get an interview, this will be what makes or breaks your success at getting the job. Even as a young adult, knowing how to nail this interview can make a huge difference in just how successful you are in finding employment. This is the chance for the employer to meet you face to face to learn what your resume or application can’t tell them. This will give you some excellent advice as to how you can nail this important interview.

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