Bill Urell

Bill Urell

Bill Urell is an addictions therapist at a leading residential treatment center. He teaches healthy life styles and life skills as a component of holistic addictions treatment. His websites cover areas of professional and personal interests.

If you are lacking in the listening skills department, though, there are some things that you can start doing today to become a better listener. These ten tips will help you become a better listener and a better communicator.

In discussing sobriety and abstinence, many people use the terms interchangeably. Do you know the critical differences between the two concepts? Read on to discover this crucial distinction.

Becoming abstinent and entering recovery or sobriety aer two distinct processes.

An addictive relationship is an unhealthy situation in which you suffer cravings for the attention and presence of another person. It can lead to feelings similar to drug withdrawal if these needs are not met, including low self-esteem, helplessness, lack of self-confidence and passive behavior.

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